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Print services

We offer you our many years of experience in producing printed materials. We specialise particularly in the management of flat and rotary offset printing.

We print on Heidelberg machines up to a format of 1040×740 mm and offer the full range of finishes: rabbeting, creasing, cutting, gluing, boring, collation, binding – V1, V2, V3, V4, V8, flexible binding, Otabind and Swiss binding, Twin or spiral binding, classic or custom packaging.

We will be glad to show you our references and samples at a personal presentation.

Print data requirements

You can find our requirements in this downloadable PDF.

Contents ▪ Order ▪ Receiving data ▪ Correctly supplying data ▪ Checking data ▪ Data processing ▪ Editing data ▪ Colour proof sheets ▪ Plotters and approval

RED CUBE s.r.o.
Konopná 341/12
617 00 Brno

part of the Komárov municipality
city district Brno-jih (south)

Loc: 49°10'44.654"N,